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pic unrelated

I'm looking for a specific green text story. It was long but was about teenage Anon fucking his friend's younger sister. Parts included:

>Him accidentally cumming into her bath after she touched his dick with a wash cloth after he went in to take a piss while she was in the tub. Also he was at his friend's house at the time because they were playing Dungeons & Dragons; not relevant to the rest of the story but another identifying feature.
>Girl's family showing a movie on a projector in their back yard and him incognito fucking the girl in the middle of the crowd (her sitting on his lap with a blanket over them)
>The girl pretty much taking advantage of him for an angry fuck after she was mad after school; last time as he slipped out but the dad saw him after and told him that the daughter was "too young to date"

Anyone have that saved?