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>no gf for 2 1/2 years
>no fwb for a year
>last girl i fucked was a hooker last thanksgiving
>got evicted shortly afterwards and had to move back to moms
>mom wont let me have a gf if i live at her house, i live in very small town in the sticks and meet no one
>move out of moms house september
>work 6 days a week
>Never get out, dead tired by the end of the work week, usually spend my weekend day ordering pizza and chillin with a couple friends
>get out for a show maybe once a month or so

So I started using dating websites to try to hook up with girls. I got my fwb last year from one.

So I started talking to this girl on okcupid. She has really unique interests that I like. Obscure movies that i've never even heard people know of or the directors. We like the same music, and it isn't really that common to find that with the music I listen to.

So I've been talking to her on and off for a few weeks and we started talking today and she tells me that she's a heroin addict, and that she shoots up, and that she's not on subs or anything like that, but that she really likes me.

My best friend was a heroin addict. He committed suicide. I never touched the shit or even pills and I'm not going to ever. I'm big into psys and MDMA and shit, sure, i might even have a little bit of a coke problem sometimes, but opiates are not my thing and never will be.

This girls so hot though, and she has interests that I have that i've never really met anyone with.

She claims that she only has 1 friend thats a junkie, she asks me to give her a chance. now we're texting.

I've been around heroin enough to know its bad shit, and I've been around it enough to know that if you're shooting up its bad bad news.

What do?