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Hello /b/ have I ever told you about my special memey treat? I think I will have my special memey treat now! Would you all like one of my special memey treats? They are delicous and they are my special memey treats!!!! HaHa! My special memey treats. HaHaH These are my treats I like to give my treats to my dog my grandparents and my little little sister, my special memey treats HeHeH. My special memey treats in them are delicous white gooey choclate I make them myself everyday for my family, my special memey treats! HaHaHa! Once my little little sister asked me for a brand new special memey treat, so I got mommy and daddy to help and i gave her the brand new special strawbery special memey treat <3 I miss mommy and daddy, but my little little sister is happy, she sometimes help make the white gooey choclate for our special memey treats that we eat every day for breakfast lunch and dinner, and sometime we even eat our special memey treats for snack mmmm My Special Memey Treat