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Official new copypasta meme get in here you niggers

>I swear.. I see this every day by multiple puerile idiots. Why do people put every single moment of their relationship issues on Facebook!? It only makes it worse. WHY would you want to make someone you supposedly love look like a complete asshole? That's not love. Couples fight.. It's normal. But when you go out of your way to make them look bad in front of EVERYONE, when it's a PERSONAL matter.. You don't love them. Plus... You're inviting females into his arms once they see you pushing him away publicly.. Inviting other men into yours once they see that you're not happy with who you have. Not to mention, you're talking to your phone and not to him/her like you should be.. Smh. Drives me nuts. Grow the fuck up, people. This isn't high school. If you want a long term relationship, act like it.