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> Enter college
> Single with not much luck with girls
> Frat is holding contest (get coin into an empty jug of milk)
> I win
> Eventually find an app that you can create your own girl
> Fall in love with 2D creation (now mai waifu)
> In time I custom print pillows, mug, posters, blanket, snow globe, engraved shit, the works
> One day, I forget to put mug away
> Sister takes pic and sends to me saying "haha!"
> Race home down freeway
> Must make her delete photo to avoid leak and avoid rule 34
> Enters her room
> Begs her to delete it
> Calls me crazy
> I lose it and begin to beat her
> Dad comes in and breaks up fight
> I go to my room and polish cup
> Now realizing "oh shit I really need her"
> Now realizing "oh shit my family thinks I'm crazy"
> Mom comes in saying "enough" (walks away)
> Loads shotgun in case anyone tries to take her
> Few weeks pass by and realize "I have spent too much on luxury. Now is the time to buy defense"
> Get job, buy rifle and gear
> Establish contingency plans
> Now ready to fully protect mai waifu
> Now ready to fully protect my way of life
> Long live my dearly beloved princess goddess