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Anyone ever actually try to an hero? Post your stories here

>Be me
>Be illegal dirty wetback because parents decided to bring me here when I was 12
>Never able to fit in
>Stupid Mexican accent will not go away
>They hate my kind in Mexico, as I don't know proper Spanish either
>Become chronic alcoholic because life sucks as an immigrant
>Go to jail twice, getting deported
>Decide to fuck it all, get drunk as shit, drive my car off a fucking mountain
>Go to the remotest part of Colorado I can find
>Kiss the golden cross necklace my mother gave me goodbye, even though I'm atheist
>Fucking floor it
>Hit guarding wall at about 90 mp/h
>Car does gymnastics in the air
>Scream "OH FUUCK" "WHAT THE FUUCK" the whole time
>Land car upside down
>I'm still fucking alive
>Blood and glass everywhere
>Get the fuck out of my car
>A fucking motorists appears, out of literally nowhere
>Asks me if I'm okay, if I can feel my legs, etc
>Regain my composure, stand up, bolt the fuck out
>With a broken fucking back
>Run for about 5 minutes
>Collapse in the woods, in the middle of nowhere
>Agonizing pain
>Can't move any longer
>Stay there for about 6 hours, in the freezing cold
>Eventually hear footsteps
>See flashlights
>A dog comes near me
>It was a rescue dog, because it sniffed me and ran back to the cops
>Hear lady saying "good joooobbb!!!" to the dog
>They take me back to the ambulance, carrying me with a blanket
>Arrive at local hospital
>My back is destroyed, they have to transfer me to the metropolitan area
>Agonizing pain the whole ride
>Everything becomes a blurr, they put me through MRI machines
>Surgeon decides I need surgery, because bone fragments might make it to my spinal cord and kill me
>Be walking the day after surgery

I'm facing charges for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a revoked license, so I'm getting deported for sure.

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