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So I replied to this craigslist post for a couple that wants to have a blowbang for the wife. I thought i should share his response.

>Fuck yeah.....let's get my slut wife Cindy down on her knees to doublesuck us good bro. We can take turns fucking her hot mouth when she’s down on her knees & high five & bro hug & bro handshake it out man – time it just right and fucking explode all over her face & in her mouth bro.

>Like I put on the posting, looking to get 3-4 bros to have her suck off at the same time. Need bros who are comfortable in a blowbang situation and not gonna freak out when 2 cocks are crossing swords in her mouth or shooting friendly fire with another bro when cumming on her face and mouth at the same time. Total bro code & bonding & brotherhood man. She loves it and so do I man.

After retrieving my sides from the laughter I figure, why not? Its not like are balls are gonna touch