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Pic unrelated.

I got something written on my wall, which appears to be in glow in the dark, but it can't be viewed unless it's near pitch black. It's on a brick wall in a shitty apartment that's been painted white, everythings been painted white.

It seems to read: _ _ _ _ _ is here
_ _ _ _

But I can't read the first word. or the one on the second line and it's very faint, so it doesn't pick up on camera.

If i had to take i guess it seems to say he or hell and the second word is completely indcephyrable.

I don't know how I could take a picture of it using a modern smart phone that would show it in all its glory.

Wut do?
is there any way to capture it more effectively like say transparent plastic sheet or something? I'd love to know whats up.