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Be me, 18 and just out of military school, I wear my boots and High and Tight haircut because it's my norm. Spent 4 years in the military school and I get to spend senior year in my hometown High School. 2 weeks in and I've become known in the school even though I never talk to anyone there, pop fags decide I've become known enough and decide to start a rumor that I'm planning to shoot up the school, my friends, family, and GF believed them (GF left me), still go to school but they put me in programs to steer me away from school. After 2 months this BS is still happening and now the Asians don't except me.
I find out where the pop fags and his friends are going and go to beat the living shit out of them. I punch fag 1 in the face and he's unconscious, fag 2 tries to punch me but he misses and I put him in a choke hold, fag 3 and 4 are starting to charge me. I push fag 2 into fag 4 and they fall down. not a scratch on me, I start running forgetting about fag 3 and he pushes me onto the ground. Fag 3 trips on my boot and falls face first into the pavement. All fags are down and my mission is done. I had to go back to the Military school but it was worth it.