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Question to discuss:
Who is the sexiest of you two? How can you prove that?

Stranger 2: Me
Stranger 1: i'm the sexiest
Stranger 1: nuh uh
Stranger 2: Nu uhh
Stranger 2: -.-
Stranger 1: noep
Stranger 1: i'm sexier
Stranger 2: Are not!
Stranger 1: by like at laest 30 units of measurment
Stranger 1: you're a square 30 units less sexy than me
Stranger 1: it's demonstratable science
Stranger 2: Well explain then why everything converges towards me whereever I walk
Stranger 2: Even you did
Stranger 1: acid probably
Stranger 1: you doing acid?
Stranger 2: How the hell did you think you ended up here?
Stranger 1: if everything is converging, it's probably acid
Stranger 2: Nah, not acid
Stranger 2: Just the xtc of acid
Stranger 1: idk man that's pretty fucked up, things converging all around you
Stranger 1: how do you drive like that?
Stranger 2: What can I say, not easy to the best
Stranger 1: i disagree on the basis that being the best is extremely easy
Stranger 1: just like being the sexiest
Stranger 1: i don't even try
Stranger 2: Probably explains why I am, in fact. sexier.
Stranger 2: No pain, no gain.
Stranger 1: except all the best things in life are free, like sweet genetics
Stranger 2: Unfortunately, you don't have them. Sorry
Stranger 1 has disconnected