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sup /b/
just want some ppl to talk to ;_;

>be me
>starting at new highschool
>only one other friend got in
>very hard to get in (you need good grades)
>feel like I've made great decision
>most of my other friends go to my old school's highschool
>not great at socializing but very humorous
>ffw 1 week
>become one of the most popular guys in school
>not popular because of looks or anything but because I was an entertaining guy
>always making people laugh
>not being loved on a personal level, but everyone knew me and whatnot
>people slowly getting tired
>ffw a month
>still quite popular, people start disliking me very badly
>my studies are going downhill, focusing on social life too much
>my friend that came with me was one of my best friends but we start drifting apart
>been one month and have not made a single close friend
>realize being popular and known by whole school doesn't mean you have friends
>everyone having friends
>start to feel lonely
>after 2 months of no 4chan start browsing again
>rather than hanging with school friends after school start coming straight home and going on pc
>realize that all of these ''friendships'' would probably be empty
>girls realize I'm obnoxious
>guys don't really want to be my friend because I'm too childish
>depression coming in
>tfw last month was best month of my life
>going parties, banging chicks
>no one really liked me on a personal level
>start isolating myself and hanging with nerds
>realize I truly have no one that I can genuinely call a ''friend''

I really want to get back in, but I'm a failure with a bad personality and I'm not even that hot. What do I do? I just feel like I'm going to stay home all day and gain weight. Then I'll have no friends or even a gf.

I just wanna disappear