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Embarrassing story thread? I'll start:

>Be me
>12:00 pm
>Just woke up
>Go to watch tv in living room
>Hair feels pretty greasy
>Decide to take a shower
>Finish shower
>Wrap towel around me
>Go to laundry room to get some clothes
>A lot of my clothes were dirty so I had to go find some recently washed clothes
>Decide to take some pajamas and a cool af black sabbath shirt
>I'm going to my room but I hear something coming from the TV
>Makes me stop dead in my tracks
>It's motherfucking Ned's declassified
>This show was my shit
>Decide to watch a little bit of it for nostalgia
>Turn up the volume on TV since I thought nobody was home
>Oh how wrong I was
>Stepdad walks in from master bedroom
>He walks in right when it's showing Ned smiling for some reason
>He sees me naked staring at a big ass TV with Ned smiling on it
>He screams with shock
>I scream in terror
>I instantly begin running to my room
>Luckily stepdad doesn't try to talk to me
>Stay in there until he leaves for work
>He was on lunch break, that's why he was home
>Fast forward 8 hours
>He gets home
>He instantly starts laughing when he sees me
>I almost cry because of the embarrassment
>When he stops laughing I explain to him what happened
>Doesn't change anything
>This nigger starts laughing even harder
>I finally get him to calm down but he's still giggling
>MFW we agree to never speak of it ever again
>MFW my stepdad still probably thinks that I fapped to Ned Bigby