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Windows has been spying on us for years now. This is not come made up conspiracy crap. This is the truth. Since windows 7 and probably earlier, there have been several methods microsoft has been collecting our data and they are all build right in to the OS itself. Not a virus, not through malware or anything like that, but the code released my microsoft. The windows OS, just like everything else made by microsoft is also closed source, meaning we cannot view the source code of anything they make, and there may be much worse than we realize happening behind the scenes of your computer. Still don't believe they're spying on us? Take a look at the terms and conditions.

Despite all of this, windows is the most widely used OS for both business and personal computers. Why? Because windows has become the standard. It is regularly updated, and produced by a huge corporation that virtually everyone knows about and therefore trusts more than it's alternatives. Everyone uses windows because everyone else uses windows. (I know macs do make up a chunk of the market share as well, but its pretty much the same, closed source, spyware, expensive, etc. and the same ideas apply to it as well)

Linux is an alternative to windows that is probably much better than you think it is. First of all, let me briefly explain what linux is: