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Alright /b/uddies, I have a story and I need help.

>be me three weeks ago
>friend introduces me to really nice girl, lets call her joan
>turns out joan and i have a lot in common; she likes games, shes intelligent, and funny, yadayada
>we do the flirtydirty thing and everything goes nice
>fast forward to about three days ago
>we're in bed; im doing my thing, shes doing hers
>my torpedo is lock and loaded but then she stops me
>she takes off her bra and asks me what i think of her boobs
>shes a small girl (better for me, im a skinny guy) so she has small boobs
>i tell her, her boobs are fine and i like them but she doesnt believe me
>we discuss this for 30 minutes and we end up going to sleep without nothing happening
>next morning she tells me, she cant be with a boy that doesnt appreciate everything about her
>apparently she thinks shes not adequate enough or something and she wants to be friends instead
>so i learn that her biggest insecurity is her boobs since theyre small
>she also told me that she needs someone who can comfort her when shes insecure like that
>mfw x2
>the day after we talk a bit, and she says that i hate her boobs (i dont)
>i tell her i like them but she wont believe me
>like the alpha i am, i immediately consider this ship sailed but then she says she wants me to make it up again
>mfw x3
>the last couple days we've been talking back and forth, a bit flirty but not a lot

What do I do? I like this girl a lot and she said she liked me. She says, she's not mad at me but at herself because she's insecure about her boobs. I can't think of anything I can say to make it up to her. wat do

tl;dr girl is insecure about her boobs, doesnt believe me when i say i like them, now just wants to be friends.. wat do?

pic related: about the size of her boobs