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ITT: we recount our anal adventures

>be me
>be shredded
>had plenty of sex but still to break that final frontier
>that holy grail of sexual experience
>meet girl on tinder
>4/10 but she's down for the brown town
>get invited to hers
>go to her room and lie on bed
>she starts suckin my dick
>get hard as fuck even though she's ugly cos i know what im about to do
>bend her over
>apply lube
>she pulls apart her ass cheeks
>stick my tip in
>she squeals
>tight as fuck
>start pushing a little further in
>suddenly the most putrid stink fills the air
>what i imagine the smell of a rotting corpse would be
>nearly vomit in my mouth
>she clocks on to the smell cos its filling the whole fucking goddam room
>im almost crying trying not to breathe in
>dont want to be a dick so say its too tight and i cant get it in
>she agrees even though we can both obviously smell the black death
>she goes to bathroom, i chill naked in her room
>she comes back, room still stinks
>tell her to get on her knees and suck my dick
>"but anon, its been in my ass"
>she gets on her knees
>i fuck her face while she gags on my dick
>cum all over her face
>get clothes
>shit was so cash
>mfw stench of shit was still in my nose all the drive home