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awkwardness thread
>walking through walmart getting shit i need
>been having an off day, anxiety worse than usual
>walk through the back in front of the electronics section on my way to grocery
>directv or dish (don't really know or care not interested) kiosk
>cute little blonde lets 10 other people walk by without talking to them
>i get up and she says "hi sir, how's your day been?"
>don't know this bitch from eve and not interested in the wares they are peddling so thinking i'm being polite smile and shake my head.
>continue walking, must be close to in the clear, about 20 steps away
>"shaking your head? that's how your days been?"
>stop, turn to look at her "my day has been alright, i'm just not interested in sattelite"
>turn and continue walking
>something else is said i half ignore to the point i don't remember
>the awkward and anxiety is through the roof.