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>Be me.
>Born with congenital cataracts.
>Can only see 4/10
>Cannot even stop a bus.
>Feel inferior and worthless.
>Additionally be as lazy as fuck.
>Find life meaningless.
>Be bored and depressed most of the time.
>Do not even want to leave the house.
>Don't show how you feel to anyone.
>Want to love and be loved but cannot find a beautiful girl to fall in love
>TFW even if I find such a girl, she wouldn't like me anyway.
>Go to a university to study engineering.
>Home is far a way from the university.
>Spend 2 hours going and 2 for returning.
>Cannot even do things I enjoy.
>Cannot learn Japanase either.
>Cannot do a fucking thing.
>Just survive.

Should I commit suicide? Even if bare with this boring life for a while, nothing will be better.