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Sup /b/, today I was laid off from work. The question is this. Continue on with regular life and the debts that will come from this hard time/try to find another job/convince myself that I can be happy. Or simply an hero and be done.

Personally I'm leaning towards an hero as I doubt anything in this material world would make me happy. I've questioned what's after death since I was able to think. In a way I'd finally be doing the one thing with my life that I want.

What would be some unexplainably stupid/awesome ways to kill myself? I read somewhere about some guy blowing himself up with tannerite. Just wondering how much exactly I would need to make sure the job gets done(bigger the crater the better.)
Also possibly willing to glue hands to head and tie a wire to my neck and drive away in car.

Will stream results.

>tldr: post stupid yet sure proof ways that I can kill myself.