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Ex gf story time
>were together for 2 years
>realised she is a greedy bitch
>start acting like an asshole
>she finally dumps me
6 months later
>in a relationship
>ex hits me up
>she starts getting jealous of my gf
>she has a boyfriend
>i try to annoy her so she would fuck off
>got a nude out of this
>i remember old times and want to fuck her one last time
>she invites me to her place to "talk"
>i went to her place
>she is wearing a dress
>10 minutes passes and all i can think of is giving her the D
>i simply pick her up and put her in my lap
>rock hard.jpg
>notice that she is wetter than London
>took her panties off
>start rubbing her pussy
>she let's me
>she starts to talk how she can't believe that she is cheating on her bf
>i fuck her and then cum on her dress
>her bf is calling
>then when she was done talking on the phone all i said was "this was the last time you see me"
>then i bailed

Share your ex's stories
Inb4 pic related its the nude