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from the dan thread
You: im dan
Stranger: Hey
You: hey
Stranger: You are
You: i am
Stranger: DanTDM
You: want to hear my real name?
Stranger: Yes
You: when you hear it dont laugh
You: k?
You: my real name is felix
Stranger: K
You: ;)
Stranger: Your pewdiepie
You: thats what i named my youtube channel :)
Stranger: Really are u recerodinh
You: i am
You: would you like to be in the vid?
Stranger: I love u pewdiepie
Stranger: Yes
You: haha
You: okay then
You: so whats up with you
Stranger: Getting a cat
You: no way bro!
Stranger: Lol
You: i love cats
Stranger: And a pug named what
Stranger: What
You: my pug?
You: you dont know his name?
You: its maya!
Stranger: It's not letting type that
You: also edgar :s
Stranger: I love Edgar
You: me too haha
You: can i tell you a secret bro
Stranger: Yea
You: im not actually pewdiepie you stupid fucking nigger faggot
You: fuck you
You: faggot
You: nigger
You: cunt fuck
(stranger has disconnected)