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Ok /b/ I need help

>Be me
>Have a crush on her (2 Weeks)
>Finally talk to her
>Turns out she isn't a fag
>We play CS:GO everyday (4-6 Hours)
>During school we talk almost all day (We both have the same class)
>Starts to sit with my table (lunch/ all class, friend's think it's kinda weried cause I am the one who's suppose to be sitting on her table)
>Anyway time goes by (about 3 weeks)
>Ask me to come over to help her with TAILS go over to her house (Still in school dress)
>Her mom opens the door and tells me to come in
>"Hey Clara your boyfriend is here" : "He isnt my boyfriend we r just friends" (Shes blushing)
>Go to her room turns out she didn't need help at all (Happened yesterday) and than we just watched the new episode of blacklist
>Every time I try to make my move her mom calls her (Nothing happened)

Hey /b/ how do I tell her I like her alot ?