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I really need your help /b/ros.
Last february i got stabbed by some neo nazi for no goddamn reason and had to go to the hospital.
Ofc i also called the cops and they were "looking" for this unknown person for the last few months and until now they didnt come up with anything new.
Also a month ago they sent me a letter saying that they had stopped the investigation since they dont think they will find the guy and their "ressources are rare"...even tho i got an sms from a mobile number with a death threat, saying that if he finds out that the cops are after him he's gonna find and kill me and my girlfriend...they didnt do jackshit and also didnt want to tell me the name that the number belongs to....
INB4, this is NOT a "personal army" request. I'm just asking if there is a way to find out the name of the person that the number belongs to.
And i'm not going to post the number in here unless someone seriously wants to help me out to find that fucker, so i can go and fuck him up myself, since the police won't do anything.
Btw, i'm from switzerland.

Btw, pic related. 6cm deep stabbing wound to the biceps.