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/b/ I need advice.
I was talking to some girl for a while. We were really into eachother, ended up fucking and such. But I had to go away for a few months to another state and we stopped talking.

I came back and were talking again, but now she has a boyfriend..... but well we just had sex again and I feel weird.

1.In feel like a dick to her boyfriend who doesnt know
2.If she leaves him for me, how can I trust her? I now know shes willing to cheat

and we dont even know eachother that well. Only talked 2 months, i left for 4 months, and now were talking for a week again.

Whats your guys opinion on the situation? The cheating and all that..... Has anyone here ever been an accomplice to a cheater? Did you trust her?

This is just such a weird situation to me.