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Give me your best stories /b/

I'll start. Not a great one but true and i thought it was worth sharing.

>be me
>visiting friend who is in university with another friend of mine.
>hungry af so went to mcd
>jesus fucking christ this city is filled with hobos.
>see a female one, dirty clothes, dirty hair, feeling bad.
>take out wallet. Convinced i had some money left.
>he stares at me waiting for me
>say: i don't have cash man. If you'll wait I'll run to the atm for you.
>hobo says: it's alright. Thanks for the trouble
>friend feels bad. Gives him his food from mcd
>fucking homeless chick goes: i sucked dick once for some coke but i aint putting that artificial shit in my mouth.
>still go to atm for the good laugh.
>hand her over 5 euro
>"thanks now i can smoke a few joints"
>Laugh and get another 5 euro for the good laugh.
>"that's the most monry I've evver gotten. Wanna share some?"

And that's how i smoked pot once with a hobo.

God bless the Netherlands