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I know b is not the first place to search for help, but I feel like I want to be anonymous with this.

>Be me.
>Have had 3 long relationships (3, 3 and almost 6 years).
>Have a long distance girlfriend right now.
>Second time I do this, even after I said I would never do it again.
>She's just perfect in every way, I feel closer to her than I ever felt to the others.
>She's super nice to me most of the time (except when she's busy with school, but I respect her time).
>I love her, and I can see she loves me too.
>We'll meet early next year, probably start living together later that year.

And now my problem:

>Know a couple of girls that I flirt with, they flirt back.
>Have one ex that basically gets undressed at my command.
>When I see them I can't help but flirt.
>I stop myself from getting more serious.
>Sometimes I masturbate after the encounter.
>Feel like the shittest shit ever.

I've tried a lot of shit to stop myself but it just feels like it's impossible. I know polygamy is natural, but I really don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm tired of lying to my girlfriend (by not telling her).

Thanks for reading. You can troll me if you want, I could use the lolz