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>go to fall festival at elementary school i attended
>in line for inflatable obstacle course with friend
>group of three female niggers cut in line and when i tell them they cant they claim their spot in line was being held
>my phone is in my shoe and my car keys are in my other one and my shoes are not but two feet from where i stood
>so i get out of the course and my phone is gone and so are the niggers
>cant find them anywhere so i go home
>at home i lock my iphone through the computer and then my mother (who is on my family plan thing) got a text from a random number saying "are u the boy who lost his iphone"
>grammar is terrible
>the person at the other end is trying to convince me that if i unlock the phone it will tell me the location
>well I'm not getting tricked by any nigger!
> I type the number into facebook and the result is the same nigger girl who disappeared the same time my phone did
>i call the police and ask what the options are and they said ask around local schools for her home info

but that will take too long, so /b/ I ask what can I *really* do in this situation?