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Why is it that people never listen to the bad
side of your life? They tell you that you can tell
them anything, and when you do, they get this
really awkward face, a loss of words, a moment
of silence.

They tell you that it's not okay to feel this way,
that you should "Grow up" "Be happy" and
"Don't let it bother you". As if it's a decision
you can just... make.

So they treat you different, as if they don't take
you seriously. They don't want to be around the
weird kid so they try to "Be nice" until you
leave. You know it, you see it, but you hope
someone sees through it. That someone sees
you. Ha!

You have a fucking disability. Yes, surely that
must be it. Your ugly despicable sadness. So
you hide it so you can continue to have friends,
friends that ignore your feelings. your thoughts,
your life, your past, your hopes and your dreams.

But they're still friends, right?

It's just that people are so far away from you.
It doesn't matter if you're sitting next to someone
on the bench or on the other edge of a field. You're
left in your own life, left to deal with your crippling

It's kinda funny /b/.
You Anons are closer than the people I see everyday.