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Hey I really need a friend right now
So I lied to myself and said I needed no one cut my self off from women after my ex cheated on me with some guy 2 years ago.... Any way I have a female friend who I have been friends with for the last 2 years and kidded myself I didn't like her. honestly believed in my head we were just friends. This isn't I assure you one of those weak friends zoned posts. I have been emotionally dead for the last 2 years. No girl has interested me at all I haven't seeked a relationship with anyone. I have slept around a fair bit and not considered this girl as honestly no more then a friend. Tonight we went out and she hooked up with a friend of friend. All of a sudden I felt jealous, something I haven't felt in years. Now I'm questioning everything. Why do I care all of a sudden? She literally was just a friend yesterday but after I saw her kiss another guy I've gone crazy. I never felt anything for her but now I do? What is wrong with me? Please help it actually hurts just as much ad when my girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me. I don't want to be with her I just want to be her friend and not give a fuck... It's messed up I don't love her. Yet I got so jealous. What do I do?