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Need /b/'s advice

I been having a girlfriend for about a year now, she gained a few pounds so i hooked up with an old friend of mine who used to be my fuckbuddy a couple of years ago before she moved to another town.

Iv'e been banging this girl for the last 2 months and we are having so much fun. We go for drinks then we fuck in a hotel room or on the backseat of my car.

Now im in a dilemma, i wanna dump my girlfriend because im not heartless.
It hurts me to see her caring for me while im boning this other girl on the side.
It just makes me feel so alive to drive an hour to another city, drinking & banging all night to drive back at night with the radio blasting, only to wake up next morning to act like nothing happened to my girlfriend the next day.

I like the adventure and all that shit, but im falling in love with my fuckbuddy, im going full beta on this shit.. please help me regain my strenght to proceed fucking her, i used to scope for more pussy but i stopped doing so ever since i got back in touch with my fuckbuddy.
We talked about falling in love with eachother and clearly said it wasn't going to happen, she's a man eater for sure. She has a dude, they live together and stuff but she's tired of him and the sex sucks.
I fuck her good, we have more fun... shit