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/b/ i feel like an asshole

>be me
>18, virgin, beta as fuck
>got bullied for 3 years, really fucking socially awkward but i've got great friends now, but that's besides the point
>because i got bullied i have lowered my standards for the women i date, i don't need them to have amazing bodies, amazing faces or anything like that, just don't want to bring home some fat ugly chick
>BTW i'm chubby too
>be today
>waiting for the bus
>have a boner, kind of pushing on my dick through my pants
>fat chick walks up to me, maybe 20-21
>and i mean really fat, like near land whale-ish
>asks me if i wanna have a good time
>i'm stunned, something like this has NEVER happened to me
>been horny all day, so fuck it
>tell her to go sit in the back of the bus
>bus is nearly empty
>she gives me a handjob
>fat girl really starts getting into it
>tell her i'm about to cum
>jizz all over her shirt
>fat chick asks if i wanna finger her
>no thanks
>"well can i atleast get a kiss?"
>slowly and awkwardly move away
>go sit in the front of the bus
>landwhale gets off the bus before me

i really felt like an asshole after that..
so /b/, am i, a chubby virgin, an asshole for not fingering / kissing a fat chick?