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Triggered Green Text story

>be me
>be in some school committee section
>didn’t really care what it was about some debating crap i guess
>committee is full of plebe Teri normies, SJWs and white knights
>our committee head is some glasses wearing SJWs who losses her shit on every little thing
>there all talking about some boring debating topic
>in between these section they have little entertainment section where everyone does random normie stuff
>they start going around asking everyone in the committee about their favorite movies and shows
>the plebe teri normies starting talking about all the same shitty normie shows they like (game of thrown, Sherlock the big bang theory)
>seriously sick of this shit
>get idea
>when it’s my turn to talk about Tv series i start saying sherlock is overrated how i met your mother is crap and all the rest of the shows you all watch are crap
>committee section Flips the fuck out
>normie plebes can’t handle hearing that someone doesn’t like the same carppy shows they like
>all of them start screaming and yelling at me saying what the hell is wrong why don’t you like these
>glasses wearing SJW freaks out (apparently Sherlock was her favorite show or something)
>starts throwing pens at my face screaming" HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT LIKE SHERLOCK"
>no one stops her from throwing pens she eventually runs out of pens
>They whole fucking committee is on triggered mode
>I’m fucking Keking the entire time
>mfw i triggered my entire committee