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Hi /b/, I'm feeling a bit sad today. Let me enlighten you with some OC Bawww material.

Never done this before, also sorry, but I'm not going to greentext since I wouldn't really know how to tell you the story.

So here goes:

This September I left my home country to study abroad. Sadly, a few weeks before I had to leave, my dog got really sick. She's a not so old Pekinese pup, you know, the one with the short nose. I don't know the medical terms of her condition in English so I won't go into too much detail, but basically someone kicked her or she just injured herself and now she almost couldn't control her back legs. The vet said that it's very likely the injury would advance and she would lose control of her body completely and would be have to put down. She was obviously in pain and had to be taken care of. I was told that I probably wouldn't see her alive again when I came back from my semester abroad 3,5 months later. It was really hard saying goodbye to her. Spent over an hour just petting and talking to her before leaving, knowing full well she has no idea why I'm leaving and when (or even if) I'm coming back. However, this story is not about her.