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Female hackers don't actually exist in real life and the entertainment industry is comprised of retarded people.

Well, some do. They are just very few in number. I've been associated with a multitide of Internet subcultures over the past 15 to 20 years (hacking, programming, affiliate marketing, etc) and leet females just don't pop up very often, or at least from my perspective, ever. Even when women are fully immersed in the culture they almost always end up playing a groupie role. This is because women don't generally have the same inherent drive to create and build as men do. They also usually second guess themselves too much and are afraid of embarking on technical challenges.

Look at this stupid shit:

> Starting in January of 2016, Grace Hopper Academy (a subsidiary of Full Stack Academy) in New York City is offering free tuition for women in an effort to make tech education "more accessible" for them.

They might as well be offering Muslims free slices of piping hot ham. What a brilliantly executed PR stunt. They've received widespread recognition by SJW retards by making promises they'll never have to fulfill.

That's all for this week's episode.

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Huge Faggot