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Have you ever came in a public place before? Either by accident in your pants or purposefully as an exhibitionist or something? Post your greentext stories!

>be 17
>at a festival
>didn't like any of the bands playing, went mainly to chill with bros
>Saturday night, second to last band
>grill starts grilling her bum on my willy
>pretty much first sexual contact with any woman other than kissing
>too much excitement since I know she is doing it intentionally
>grabs my head, we start making out
>fuck it, don't know her
>commence aggressive thrusting
>tip of my cock is just above my waistband by this point
>cum all over her back and ass
>too busy kissing for her to notice
>leave when she starts focusing on the music, join bro who is like 5 yards away
>look to see if she notices
>eventually she does, absolutely horrified