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Crazy childhood story
>Be me
>Be 12
>Stay with cousin
>It's 24 degrees celsius
>Is mega hot
>Cousin goes in the living room and locks it
>Bangs on door
>She shouts "Fuck off"
>Is sweating the fucking amazon river
>Notices bedroom
>Opens the halway window
>Sets up weak static fan
>Gets under the bed
>30 minutes of cool air
>Hear slapping step noises from halway
>Look under the door
>Bare feet
>Notice static fan stand moving
>Crazy bitch took away my fan
>Chase after her
>She's naked
>She screams
>I stare
>Run and block bedroom with chair
>Cousin was 13 and she was in charge
>Doorknob twists
>Hide under bed
>Look up
>She's wearing panties
>Prents come home
>Car engine is heard
>Bare feet run
>30 Seconds later a scream is heard
>Our parents are scolding her
>WTF is happening