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Continuing from the last thread because it got deleted.

I headed back in, huddling up against him. "WHAT THE FUCK MAN?" I shouted. He was shaking his head, a look of serious fear over his face. "Th-there's something out there man, it's fucking gone but it - it's not an animal, I've never seen something like that!"

We sat in the silence for a second, before I noticed that the thumping was still there. He asked me what it was, but I had no answer.

I then noticed, listening closely, that it was getting louder. It had not done this before, and it was getting steadily more hard and loud.

He looked at me again, almost crying. It finally got so loud that he snapped, jumping away from me and clawing his way out of the tunnel.

I screamed at him, asking him what the fuck he was doing and that we needed to stay put, when the thumping went away from me and towards him.

The ground under him shattered, forming a giant hole. Something grabbed him and pulled him under the ground into the hole.

I screamed, going into fetal position inside of the tunnel. The hole was completely black inside.

The thumping stopped.