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Storytime, /b/

>be me, 19
>eating with my family and step-family during thanksgiving
>cutie sitting across from me is giving me looks
>and it's alright, because she's my step-cousin
>uninterested at the current moment
>she goes up to me after dinner and starts talking to me
>enjoying my time with her, because fuck it why not
>her hand goes onto my lap, clearly we both know where she wants this to go toward
>invite her upstairs to my room and she happily obliges
>she starts going completely all over me, kissing and making out
>no condom
>asks me if she has a condom
>makes that she doesn't need a condom, that she's on a pill
>entirely bullshit, i say, and say that if no condom no sex
>insisting that we continue, she goes downstairs to get her purse and rummaged around in that, finding a condom
>starts putting it on and i ask for her age
>just says 18, i roll with it
>offering herself to me, we go at it for about thirty minutes
>hit off the condom after we're finished, but see if there was anything in the condom after we finished
>no luck, shit, i ask if it was a faulty condom
>confesses that she lied after asking her numerous times
>energy is completely depleted as i realised she may get preggers
>not even paying any mind toward her at this point, just completely flushed from the thought of all of this
>ask her why she would do something like this, she says to look at every first letter

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